Cyclemeter Cycle (Road) 18/04/2011 6:17:04 AM

Went to ride to work with Paul. Just a recovery ride at 50% of my max. Best way to recover. Paul lead most of the way. Took it real easy up the freeway.

So next ride is Garden Island that’s just opened up on the BWA site.

Will post some pics of the ride and video on

Finished Cycle: 18/04/2011 8:10:40 AM
Route: Contour HD Cyclemeter iPhone App Roe Hwy
Google Maps URL:
Shortened Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 1:53:36
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 51.62 km
Average: 27.26 km/h
Fastest Speed: 84.62 km/h
Behind Median Ride: 7:00
Ascent: 89 meters
Calories: 2192