Cyclemeter Cycle (Road) 24/08/2011 5:26:39 PM

Well end of day. Wasn’t too much fun this morning. Road over some serious glass and got the puncture from hell. 1 1/2 ich cut right through front tyre. Wife did the support car thing and I had to change front wheel. The just do short route in to work. Well at least that’s only happened once in 15 years of cycling to work. Lots of other punctures but all fixable.

Finished Cycle: 24/08/2011 6:15:29 PM
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Ride Time: 48:50
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 17.13 km
Average: 21.04 km/h
Fastest Speed: 34.99 km/h
Ahead of Best Ride: 20:13
Ascent: 30 meters
Calories: 800