Final Big Ride Before The 5 Dams Challenge 2012

Final Big Ride Before The 5 Dams Challenge 2012

Finished Cycle: 11/04/2012 9:39:04 AM
Route: Contour HD Cyclemeter iPhone App Roe Hwy
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Ride Time: 3:23:18
Stopped Time: 48:05
Distance: 82.03 km
Average: 24.21 km/h
Fastest Speed: 80.15 km/h
Behind Median Ride: 1:13:08
Ascent: 373 meters
Calories: 3768

Went hard when we got onto Roe Highway, Tim had dropped to below 80kgs getting ready for the tour ride in July. To celebrate he thought it would be fun to not go under thirty until we hit the end of Farrington. That hurt. Anyway dropped Paul off at the narrows brigade and went around Burswood to Great Western where Tim got a flat. Walked to a cafe I know and used the new CO2 to blow up the tyre. What a great invention! Picked mine up on a $10 deal from cell bikes. See below.


Anyway fixed that up rode back to Maida Vale and decided to cycle up Gooseberry Hill, last 20 meters beat me. Just not enough gears left.